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The Death of Humanism

Robyn Duenow

I never thought my background in art history would be my healing force in coping with a new turbulent political movement. The Italian Renaissance brought a rebirth of classical philosophy. The core of this thought was man's experience being the center of all things which opposes the medieval belief of a punishing god ruling over all thought and action. The wave of fear and hatred brought on by Trump has tragically been on the opposite side of the importance and respect of every person and the Humanist tradition. I have looked to Renaissance Art , which fuses the philosophy of Christianity and classical antiquity, to make statements juxtaposing the backward political climate of the Trump administration. I have looked to great works of art and stripped them of their uplifting Humanist statements. Trump has attempted to rip the fabric of the integrity from our society by dividing and bullying us. Humanism is slowly dying with Trump a sour authoritarian leader. We must hold up a mirror to what Is becoming normal and RESIST! I thought you might enjoy my watercolor series, "Death of Humanism".

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Death Of Sanctuary Cities (Jesus Giving Keys To St Peter)

Death Of Sensible Guns Laws (Death Of The Innocents)

Death Of Sacred Love And Consensual Grabbing (Birth Of Venus)

Death Of Communion And Unity (Last Supper)

Death Of Compassion Choice And Childcare (Sistine Madona)

Death Of Truthful Media (The Annunciation)

Death Of EPA Jesus Turning Wine Into Flint Water

Death Of Universal Health Care (Jesus Healing The Blind)

Death Of Same Sex Marriage (Virgin And St Anne)

Death Of Public Education - Homage To Bestsy DeVoss (School Of Athens)

Death Of Unchallenged Assault (Rape of the Sabine)

Death Of the Anti Christ (Judith Slaying Holofernes)